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We are happy to welcome amazing new artists in our agency.

We are happy to welcome amazing new artists in our agency.


STEPHIE BRAUN, a young upcoming photographer and directress from Munich.The main focus of her work is based in the field of sustainable fashion, beauty, lifestyle and editorials as well as commercial campaigns. Stephie worked already with a wide range of clients like Adidas Women, nu-in by Stefanie Giesinger, Maserati, foodist, VOGUE Germany and many more. In her photographic practice, she loves to examine the limits of human imagination, the creative value of the photographic medium in the 21st century and the abstraction of the everyday in the form of visual content.

View selected artwork from Stephie >>

Visit her portfolio >>


Berlin based KOLJA ECKERT creates pictures which tell you a story and remind of a movie stage. The main focus of his work is on advertising, especially people , lifestlye and transportation. Among his clients you can find Audi, Skoda, VW, Sony Music, The North Face, Bose and many more. Kolja works as a photographer, videographer and director. Light plays a central role in all his works, whether natural or artificial light. He gets his inspiration mostly from old movies, but also uses music as inspiration underlines the expression in his pictures. Directors like Wong Kar-Wai and Wes Anderson are role models for his work. The colors he chooses in combination with elaborate compositions always have meaning and are never chosen by chance.

View selected artwork from Kolja >>

Visit his portfolio >>


CLAUS MORGENSTERN is Mannheim/Berlin based photographer and director with twelve years of experience, lots of exciting input and an absolute hands-on mentality. Whether small editorial or large advertising production. His special interest is people and their encounters. Claus loves to dive into situations, driven by perspectives and different angles, drawing a line somewhere between documentary and commercial look. Always with a focus on personal connections. Among his clients are Volvo. Lufthansa, Siemens, KFW Bank and many others.

View selected artwork from Claus >>

Visit his portfolio >>


PER FLORIAN APPLEGREN is a German/Swedish photographer working internationally with focus on fashion, beauty & editorial work.Latest campaign clients were Lanius and Pomme´dor.Per Florian was inspired by Kristian Schuller, Rankin, Mario Testino and Helmut Newton.  For Per Florian photography is the larger-than-life feeling of big magazine & campaign images. An aesthetic world to escape from reality. The love and fascination for human beings and the love for fashion itself. He could stare at fashion & beauty images all day and all night. It just gets him every time and triggers something in him. Pure magic!

View selected artwork from Per >>

Visit his portfolio >>

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