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»Pushing boundaries by merging craft and art«

Once an idea has formed in his head, Christian is devoted to make his vision become a reality, no matter how long the days or how early he needs to rise to catch the first glimpses of sunrise.
During five years of assisting Bernd Opitz and constant travel, Christian discovered his love for film making which allowed him to start working more independently. By 2015 the opportunity arose to start working as a freelance photographer and cinematographer.
Christians imagery is best described as natural, authentic and atmospheric. To him photography is the perfect way of living his dream, creating visual moments and combining art and craft.
Traveling and meeting people who burn for their profession gives him inspiration and is his biggest motivation to walk the extra mile.
Selected clients: AMF, Leica, Sennheiser, Volkswagen, Ronal Wheels, Porsche Design, Rado, Volaire Athletique, Morrison Bikes, Donner & Reuschel, Custom Bus, BLVD, Wonda Swim, Abby Movement, Pioneer Jeans, Evyinit, Gruner&Jahr...