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»Beyond the Moment«

Before founding his company, German-based photographer DAVID MAURER embarked on a journey around the world – from east to west, from north to south. Eight months of exploration by ship led him across the North Polar regions, the Antarctic landscapes, down to South America. In 2008, he started his own business specializing in transportation, people, architecture and landscapes.

David's photographic signature encapsulates fleeting moments — be it the velocity of a racing car or a human encounter. As a photographer, director and content creator David sets the world in motion.

He works for an ever-expanding global clientele from Europe, the United States and Asia, such as Porsche, Volkswagen, Skoda, GSK, Mercedes, Kia, Hublot/LVMH, Hyundai, BMW, BionTech, Mazda, Salzgitter, ABT, Falken Tyre, Opel, Nissan, Land Rover and Jaguar.