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»Celebrating things that are wrong«

Harald is a Düsseldorf based multidisciplinary artist working in video, photography, 3D and conceptual art. His career is characterized by a variety of interests and training, which range from information technology to working briefly as a pizza delivery boy, to music production and finally a time as an assistant and teaching an artist and photographer in Düsseldorf and continue and ultimately contribute as a rough influence to his work and approach.

Where at the beginning of his time as a photographer the camera as a classic tool was in the foreground, Harald now works with a variety of approaches. For his recent collaborative projects with Adidas, Greyder Lab, Kiosq, Volkswagen and Snipes, for example, scanners and 360-degree cameras were misappropriated, and his latest exhibitions were created with the help of LIDAR scanners and iPads.

Thus, his workflow captivates through the misappropriation and mixing of techniques and rarely ends at the image made, but often sees there the beginning of the actual work. 'What the heck can I do with all this data' - probably the best question he asks himself when working on a new project.