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»A photo is not made in the camera but on either side of it. «

Manju is a freelance photographer based in Germany, specialized in people, lifestyle and commercials, and worked for several renown clients in fashion and beauty industry. 
Her passion for the art of photography has always been there, nourished by her curious and creative approach of bringing visions alive. 
Manju´s work is a combination of storytelling, cinematography and expressionism.  
While never losing the aimed story the image should contain, she knows how to bring a variety of interests together, surrounded in a team of creatives. With a grounding energy, she empowers the creation of a space in which thriving results can be achieved.  
Once called a "light hunter", Manju is always drawn to natural and artificial light scenarios.  
In her private life you can find her traveling new destinations, exploring new cultures and searching for photogenic spots.