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»Love what you do, always«

Miriam Lindthalers work is focused on kid´s fashion and lifestyle as a photographer and directress working
worldwide. She is a kid coaching shooter with a lot of experience from babies to teenage models and from real
kids to kids-models. While working, her main attention is an individual moment developed by an authentic and
lively performance.

Her aim is to create heartbreakingly images, wild and beautiful. Together with a powerful team, she is known for
her perfect timings and calculations so for her castings.

Miriam studied photography at Berlin Lette Verein before she worked as a freelancer and first assistant for several
well known german photographers. She actually lives in Hamburg with her two schoolboy superheroes.
She works for clients such as Babybel, Bübchen, Boxine, Deichmann, DM, Elefanten Shoes, Ergobag, Ferrero,
Fielmann, Henkel, Jako-O, Kinder, Kiri Dippi, Ladival, Milka, Manduca, Manitober, Manor, Nivea, Review,
S.Oliver, Rotbäckchen, Staccato, Techem, Tonies &m.m.