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»There's two of us«

SALLYHATESWING [ˈsæliheɪtswɪŋ]. That’s the Artist Duo Sarah Schmid [Art Direction / Production] and Phil Johann [Photography /Direction].

Their photo series are stories in motion, they carry strong expressions arranged in an extraordinary way. A distinctive collection of small moments. The portraits of the artist duo are a fusion of contemporary imagery and detailed settings. The vision: making the unseen seen.

Sarah turns a blank paper into something completely new. She accompanies clients with concept and production. For her, shootings are a “dance with reality”: having, using and shaping ideas is her daily business.

Phil is the guy who presses the shutter button and captures that exact dance. His motto: reinvent. His comprehension of aesthetics and his love for simplicity are the basis for the language of SALLYHATESWING.