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»Examine the limits of human imagination«

The focus of Stephie Braun's work as a photographer lies in the fields of fashion, lifestyle and beauty commercials, in which she has already successfully produced major out-of-home campaigns. Stephie also enjoys shooting editorials for magazines such as ZEIT, VOGUE, Cosmopolitan and many more. Here she is often booked for productions with public figures such as famous musicians, influencers & actresses who trust her fully. Stephie has worked with a variety of clients including About You, Amazon Music, Thomas Sabo, Adidas, Prada, Gucci and many more. In addition to photography, she enjoys directing moving image campaigns or even filming them herself. In her photographic practice, Stephie explores the limits of human imagination, the creative value of the photographic medium in the 21st century and the abstraction of the everyday in the form of visual content.