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RECAP 2022

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Per Florian Appelgren for ELLE x Chanel Haute Couture

Reve de jour – In the Streets of Paris Per Florian Appelgren captures a Chanel Haute Couture editorial for the latest issue of Elle Thailand. The beautiful model Bella c/o Premium Models was styled by the fashion director Kai Atinan Nitisunthonkul in the French house’s fall 2021 couture collection. The hairstylist Brigitte Meirinho created a chic plook with a bow accessory, and MeyloO took care of the makeup.

DAVID HAASE for s.Oliver Pure Sense

Mäurer & Wirtz  recently launched the new s.Oliver twin fragrance “Pure Sense” for her and him. David Haase was booked to shoot the warm and sensual images in different landscapes of spain alongside the tvc production. Produced by Zoé Grünberg and Beatrice Winkler.

Kolja Eckert Calvin Klein Specs

natural lights – In the last warm fall days Kolja Eckert shot this lovley photo series together with the photographers Alex Kibb & Alex Massek. The models Celina Teresa and Tara Zoe Woltjes were dressed in the classic Calvin Klein lingerie.



Amazing new artist: PER FLORIAN APPLEGREN

PER FLORIAN APPLEGREN is a German/Swedish photographer working internationally with focus on fashion, beauty & editorial work.Latest campaign clients were Lanius and Pomme´dor.Per Florian was inspired by Kristian Schuller, Rankin, Mario Testino and Helmut Newton.  For Per Florian photography is the larger-than-life feeling of big magazine & campaign images. An aesthetic world to escape from reality. The love and fascination for human beings and the love for fashion itself. He could stare at fashion & beauty images all day and all night. It just gets him every time and triggers something in him. Pure magic!

View selected artwork from Per >>

Visit his portfolio >>


CLAUS MORGENSTERN is Mannheim/Berlin based photographer and director with twelve years of experience, lots of exciting input and an absolute hands-on mentality. Whether small editorial or large advertising production. His special interest is people and their encounters. Claus loves to dive into situations, driven by perspectives and different angles, drawing a line somewhere between documentary and commercial look. Always with a focus on personal connections. Among his clients are Volvo. Lufthansa, Siemens, KFW Bank and many others.

STEPHIE BRAUN shot for LYCKA with Testimonial Stephanie Giesinger

We thank wonderful Stephanie Giesinger and her management Leni Vester. Hair & Make up department was done in a lovely way by Teena Denzinger.

We are happy to welcome STEPHIE BRAUN

STEPHIE BRAUN, a young upcoming photographer and directress from Munich.The main focus of her work is based in the field of sustainable fashion, beauty, lifestyle and editorials as well as commercial campaigns. Stephie worked already with a wide range of clients like Adidas Women, nu-in by Stefanie Giesinger, Maserati, foodist, VOGUE Germany and many more. In her photographic practice, she loves to examine the limits of human imagination, the creative value of the photographic medium in the 21st century and the abstraction of the everyday in the form of visual content.

View selected artwork from Stephie >>

Visit her portfolio >>

HARALD SCHAACKs art was shown

HARALD SCHAACKs art was shown by several art insitutions this year. Partly affected by the special conditions oft the annual covid restrictions.

Besides his commercial work Harald is a multidisciplinary conceptual artist working in video, photography, 3D and creative direction.

Harald’s career is characterized by a variety of interests and training, ranging from information technology to audio engineering, which continue to contribute to the eventual results of his work. Thus, his approach is characterized by mixing and misappropriating techniques as well as materials and rarely ends with a photo or video, but often sees itself as the beginning of the actual work.


As in his previous works, which deal with themes close to the zeitgeist, Harald Schaack processes in his work ‚Schwund‘ which was showed by Kuenstlerloge Ratingen.

“Schwund‘ is a visual, non-linear work about the art of theater and stage performance dwindling from our eyes during a mix of lockdowns, restrictions as well as the necessity of social distancing.

As if its actors were dissolving, in the installation we notice the dissolution of this art, as if it were being torn from our hands and memories, until nothing remains but a shadowy and pale memory of the stage and its performers.

LIDO‚ is a four-minute elaboration and representation of shadowy memories, attempts at reconstruction and hope for the return of normality.

In the form of a short story with two chapters, ‚LIDO‘ first presents a retrospective; how it was when it was still possible, how it looked when you could still visit the outdoor pool. In slow flights through fading memories the layout is explored and in the following chapter not only happily visited but also enjoyed in incomprehensible relief.

Amazing new artist: KOLJA ECKERT

Berlin based KOLJA ECKERT creates pictures which tell you a story and remind of a movie stage. The main focus of his work is on advertising, especially people , lifestlye and transportation. Among his clients you can find Audi, Skoda, VW, Sony Music, The North Face, Bose and many more. Kolja works as a photographer, videographer and director. Light plays a central role in all his works, whether natural or artificial light. He gets his inspiration mostly from old movies, but also uses music as inspiration underlines the expression in his pictures. Directors like Wong Kar-Wai and Wes Anderson are role models for his work. The colors he chooses in combination with elaborate compositions always have meaning and are never chosen by chance.

View selected artwork from Kolja >>

Visit his portfolio >>


Mertstudio was booked from our client Porsche to show the world and possibilities of Porsche E-Bikes in Downtown Frankfurt and the surrounding landscape. The postproduction was done by Dock2Studios.

MARIE SCHMIDT shot the “New Era” Collection for Friendly Hunting

Marie shot for the sustainable cashmere label „Friendlyhunting“. The amazing models where Lena and Maya from Mirrrs Models so Jonathan, Erik and Emma by Tigers Models. We thank the wonderful team Stylist Mascha Möller and  Hair & Make up department Jane Jakobi und Julian Doberer, all by Nina Klein Agency

DAVID HAASE for Vogue and Roku Gin

David portraied the 26 year old Düsseldorf artist and industrial designer Jimu Kobayashi for a VOGUE Editorial in cooperation with Japanes Crafts Gin “Roku”.

Tobias Wirth shot DENNIS DANIEL

Tobias Wirth shot the new Campaign for the high and streetwear brand DENNIS DANIEL which is out now. Model Geoffrey Camus joined the team. Tobias Wirth shot the new Campaign for the high and streetwear brand DENNIS DANIEL which is out now. Model Geoffrey Camus joined the team. Tobias Wirth shot the new Campaign for the high and streetwear brand DENNIS DANIEL which is out now. Model Geoffrey Camus joined the team.

ADRIAN T. KUBICA for Stadtwerke Düsseldorf

We thank our wonderful client Butter Agency. Production Unit was lead by Uwe Hetzner and the styling department by Catrin Hansmerten.

HARALD SCHAACK – Bist du auch hobbylos?

Bist du auch hobbylos? Dann komm rein, gönn’ dir’n Drink, Rezo und Julien Bam haben dir ’nen Platz frei gehalten. Ab sofort reden die Beiden auf Spotify in einem Spotify Original Podcast „Hobbylos“ über die Social Media Welt und ihr eigenes Leben. Harald Schaack portraitierte die beiden für die begleitende Werbe-Kampagne.