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HARALD SCHAACKs art was shown

HARALD SCHAACKs art was shown by several art insitutions this year. Partly affected by the special conditions oft the annual covid restrictions.

Besides his commercial work Harald is a multidisciplinary conceptual artist working in video, photography, 3D and creative direction.

Harald’s career is characterized by a variety of interests and training, ranging from information technology to audio engineering, which continue to contribute to the eventual results of his work. Thus, his approach is characterized by mixing and misappropriating techniques as well as materials and rarely ends with a photo or video, but often sees itself as the beginning of the actual work.


As in his previous works, which deal with themes close to the zeitgeist, Harald Schaack processes in his work ‚Schwund‘ which was showed by Kuenstlerloge Ratingen.

“Schwund‘ is a visual, non-linear work about the art of theater and stage performance dwindling from our eyes during a mix of lockdowns, restrictions as well as the necessity of social distancing.

As if its actors were dissolving, in the installation we notice the dissolution of this art, as if it were being torn from our hands and memories, until nothing remains but a shadowy and pale memory of the stage and its performers.

LIDO‚ is a four-minute elaboration and representation of shadowy memories, attempts at reconstruction and hope for the return of normality.

In the form of a short story with two chapters, ‚LIDO‘ first presents a retrospective; how it was when it was still possible, how it looked when you could still visit the outdoor pool. In slow flights through fading memories the layout is explored and in the following chapter not only happily visited but also enjoyed in incomprehensible relief.

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