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»In the space between beauty, perspective and truth«

Meike Kenn credits her large patchwork family with instilling in her the capacity to understand and celebrate the interminable dance between perspective, beauty, and truth. The camera, she quickly found, allowed her to define moments as she felt and experienced them. It was both her access to the outside world and a glittering mirror in which to reflect.
Perhaps this is explains why she succeeds in so delicately capturing moods and sensitivities.
Regardless of whether people of public interest or people from the street, Meike finds a communicative, poetic language for the moment that conveys the feeling of absolute presence. Her photography is characterized by humor, vibrant colors, and quiet moments of introspection. She is adept at finding beauty in the mundane and transforming it into something interesting and unique. Ultimately, Meike's photography is deeply human, and her passion is evident in everything she does.
Her focus is on editorials, lifestyle, sustainable fashion, and commercial campaigns. Collaborating with other creatives and artists is important to her, and she thrives in teams where all the elements come together and are united by a shared passion for the cause.