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»The art and the pleasure of creating authentic images together«

Mike enjoys nothing more than being on set with his favorite camera, a delicious coffee and a professional team. He discovered his love for the photographic medium in his early youth, which is why he has come to appreciate both analog and digital photography.
Since then he has dedicated himself to capturing expressive motifs, which are created by the artist on international productions as well as within personal editorials.

Mike's work concentrates on the combination of broad technical knowledge and the creation of expressive perspectives.
This results in excellent lighting, contemporary composing and a generally modern visual language that is effective on all levels.

In addition to working with internationally renowned brands such as Mercedes Benz AMG, BEATS by Dre and Leica Camera, the German photographer has an impressive CV when it comes to photographing international musicians, who always entrust him with an expressive image.

Mike Kipper currently lives in Berlin, Germany.