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»That moment, when your vision and the universe collide for a great shot - pure magic«

Hi! My name is Per! I am an 80`s born German-Swedish fashion and beauty photographer based between Paris and Berlin.
My photographic journey began as a self-taught and later continued as part-time assistant, where I worked my way up to be mentored for three years in the artistic hub of Berlin and continued to be mentored by industry leading photographers in Paris and London.

Before embarking on my photography career, I graduated with a degree in Business Administration and International Politics. However, the desire to express myself and my artistic vision behind the lens led me to follow my heart and explore the world of photography.

My work blurs between the lines of beauty & fashion and is characterised by a bold use of colors, angles and expressions - allowing each talent to shine and giving them a stage to express themselves without any boundaries. I strongly believe in celebrating diversity and the power of images to inspire and evoke emotions.