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»That moment, when your vision and the universe collide for a great shot - pure magic«

Welcome to my world of aesthetics. My name is Per Appelgren, an 80`s born German-Swedish fashion and beauty photographer based between Cologne and Berlin.

My photographic journey began as a self-taught and later continued as a part-time assistant, where I worked my way up to be mentored for three years in the artistic hub of Berlin. Raised in the pristine lands of Northern Germany and Sweden, I was endowed with an innate sense of clean aesthetics and beauty from a young age.

Before embarking on my photography career, I graduated with a degree in Business Administration and International Politics. However, the desire to express myself and my artistic vision behind the lens led me to follow my heart and explore the alluring world of photography.

For me, photography is not just about capturing an image, but about creating an aesthetic world that transports me and my viewer to a realm of beauty and imagination. It is a medium through which I escape reality, and yet capture my subject in a modern and striking way. Join me on this journey, as we explore the world of fashion and beauty through my lens.